Our Storytellers


Hannah Custis

Teacher - Writer - Mythologist

Where I come from and where I've been are a large part of who I am - born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, college at a Great Books school in colonial Annapolis, volunteering in South Florida, and now a student, teacher, and writer in New York City. Each place I've been has changed me, as I've adapted to new challenges and adopted new perspectives; I would like to think that I've changed each of these places as well.

Who am I so far?

  • Scholar
  • Mentor
  • Teacher
  • Popular Children's Entertainer
  • Striving (sometimes starving) Artist
  • Honorary Dominican
  • Empathetic Philosopher
  • Urban Princess with a Rural Soul

I just realized how much of my heart belongs to New York City and how much I want to give back to the people here - especially my inner city students who think I'm from a foreign country (or planet).  This city has given me something I'm not sure I would have gotten anywhere else, and my new urban home has comforted me through some of the most difficult times of my life.

In May 2012 I lost my mother unexpectedly to cancer.  This loss has defined me, just as every other change in my life, yet through my grief and my experience, I have deepened and changed; now I feel ready to rejoin the world and participate in something beautiful that can help change others.


Tabitha Silver

Acupuncturist - Herbalist - Activist

I want to challenge myself to transform my experiences and perspective into something I can give to others; to inspire people to see themselves fully even if they don't fit inside the lines; to help people speak truth again and find power in their embodied experience.

Hannah and I met at the Great Books College - St. John's in Annapolis, Maryland. Our mutual love of music, dancing, observing and creating enchanting adventures out of the familiar brought us together. 

Becoming a Licensed Acupuncturist is the best thing I ever did with my life. I grew up running track and cross country. By running and training, I learned to listen to the minute changes & developments in my body. Practice was constant - We ran in every season and weather - the earthly challenges - the elements - taught me to trust in my strong bodily-felt-sense, not just my doubting mind. 

Everything we do with our bodies and everything that happens to us is written - like the grain of a tree - in our connective tissue, deep in our muscles and stored in our bones. Life & living reverberates throughout our nervous systems - like waves - and affects our future ability to live and practice well.

I want to read that grain, find those stories, reconnect daily with the voice of my bodily felt sense - harmonize with others.

I want to bring reverence back – reverence for the self.