Personal identity is dynamic. How we identify ourselves - individually and in groups - is rooted in language, geography, bodily-felt experience, culture, religion, mythology, and complex, particular histories. Our identity changes in small cycles - like with the season - and in larger cycles - over the course of our human lives and impossible circles through ages and light years.

Sometimes living demands radical new identities and in order to live the lives we dream of - or the lives we must - we are forced to unearth hidden facets of ourselves. You don't have to go through those transformations alone. It's easier if you have the space to reflect, write down what you're experiencing, and share your discoveries. In Space for Breath you can share your aspirations, confusions, and imaginings - help us to create space for new possibilities!

Space for Breath will help you:

  • Hone your writing skills.
  • Observe the seasonal changes in your life and practices.
  • Discover new resonances within the facets of your identity.
  • Mindfully move through transformations in your perspective, relationships, roles, goals and bodily-felt experience.

Have your writing, images and projects posted on SfB! Become a Member - make a donation of $20* and gain access to Space for Breath from the inside - post your own reflective writing, share your projects or research. Join the Space Cadets working group: create writing prompts, post to our Facebook page, participate in developing Space for Breath events.

* All donations go towards seasonal community events, workshops and website maintenance.

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