Coming May 7th! Mythical Writing Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to provide a safe and inspirational space for active writing, reflection, and storytelling while giving you an opportunity to share and develop your voice.

This is a weekly writing workshop facilitated by Hannah Custis (writer, teaching artist, and mythologist) and each week will be centered on an archetypal or seasonal theme which brings the mythical plane into manifestations of modern life, such as work, health, family, relationships, and personal transformation. 

Mythical Writing Workshop will be an hour and a half long with time for storytelling, discussion, free writing and sharing our work.

Email with any questions or suggestions!


About Hannah Custis

Hannah Custis is a teacher, writer, mythologist, and founding member of Space for Breath, a community art project combining personal expression and healing practice.  Hannah has a Masters of Arts from the CUNY Graduate Center and works as a Teaching Artist with an arts education non-profit. Her creative writing infuses mythological themes into stories about her students, family, and life in New York City. 

You can read her work here: