Mythical Writing Workshop - The Green Man

The Mythical Writing Workshop met for the first time last Wednesday, May 7th at Maha Rose Healing Center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Our theme for the night was The Green Man and the constellation of archetypes surrounding this mythical figure of the deep forest, sacred spring fertility rites, and the relationship between man and the natural world.  

What does the Green Man bring out in us? 

We found out through associative free-writing inspired by this image: 

I learned today they used to be called foliated heads, reckless unstoppable growth sprouting from the orifices, growth that won't stop - or can't be stopped - just like spring follows winter and the first saplings shoot out from a rotting stump. And I feel some of that green energy today on the subway ride here, rushing so I could be on time and where the hell did all these athletic high school boys come from, me peeking up from my book feeling like a irrepressible old lech, on a train going somewhere into the wilderness of Queens - no wait, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Green Street to be exact and God I need some kind of that woody stamina to get me through this season, channel some of that male woodsman energy dealing with these pre-adolescent boys running around while I'm trying to teach a cooking class and the only green they know is the clouds wafting in front of the school when I leave in the evening.


Stay tuned for more pieces coming from the Mythical Writing Workshop! 

We will be at Maha Rose Healing Center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on Thursdays from 6-7pm!