Trickster Energy

As spring is in full swing, many of us are starting to feel the restless, mischevious, enterprising energy associated with the Trickster archetype. A trickster character appears in nearly every world culture, whether it take the form of a god, beast, spirit, or human being. The trickster frequently lives on the fringes of polite society, and the chaos he creates often solves a problem or addresses a question no one else is asking.  

Words associated with the Trickster:  resourceful, adaptable, mischevious, comedic, dark, mercurial, shifting, outsider, storyteller, precocious, wise, conniving, resilient, selfish, amoral, revelatory...

The Trickster may wear the mask of the Fool, the Jester, the Sacred Clown or don the dark humor of the Satirist. He may be the Chesire cat, the Heath Ledger's iconic Joker, or Gulliver's Travels author Jonathan Swift.   

  Image of Reynard the Fox I stole from the Internet.

 Image of Reynard the Fox I stole from the Internet.

As for Tricksters in the animal kingdom, we have the mischevious Reynard the Fox from French folklore, as well as other canids such as coyotes and wolves fulfilling the role in Native American, European, and Asian myths. Crows, ravens, and other birds become known for their wily ways; rabbits (Bugs Bunny is no coincidence), spiders, monkeys, and various other animals become the subject of tales not for their strength but for their cunning and resourcefulness.

Do you feel any trickster energy this season?

How does the Trickster archetype manifest in your life? 

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