Summer Solstice Fire ~ Free Writes ~

By Anonymous

Three of Wands

Ship carrying flame, carrying light, the eye on the bow clear seeing - traveling down the river not sure what it will find, red sail inflated full of wind, staffs on shore, in greeting? In acknowledgement? In reflection and response to the flame?

Honestly the first time I drew this card it scared me - a red ship aflame, a river on fire, journeying deeper into the heat where more fire awaits. "No more water but fire next time," a strange land in flames.

Now I look and I see a messenger, a Promethean vessel carrying the light, greeted by his comrades on the shore, not knowing where he is going but knowing he brings illumination. Fire, passion, upright sail on the river clear seeing. Current carrying light into darkness, fire floating on the surface of the water, a conduit for the burning energy.

Burning Hand

The roots of the flesh pierce through the earth like the limbs of an alpine

Each branch burns crimson insight but alone, without any disturbance to its origin

It waves and wanes to the west yet to what is it trying to attract attention, no one knows

Each line tells age and adventure to its past that no longer serves its purpose

Each marking is free of flame as it has come out of the passion this being chooses to exude


Fighting or loving? 

Do they embrace or kill one another? What does it mean to be close to someone? 

Do you show yourself or cover up yourself more?   

How many faces do you have for your lover? 

Barely anything grows but the flames grow down and hide everything in smoke, except their love or hate.

They are the only confusion in the room but not the only life.

A plant doesn't wilt under the heat but still stretches toward the sun.

There is a triangle in Heaven.


The fire to signify a final end, to close the keeper to a soul that is still so alive

Those flames, that overwhelming heat re-ignites a spark in a soul that has been quieted

That fire slowly disintegrates the once old now still nest, making room for a re-born one for the soul to reside

A light in those flames shows the way for the soul and in time, it will dwindle as the soul becomes its own, capable of lighting its own way, and a way in others

For as the fire lights, body dies, and as a fire rescinds, a new one is now empowered with a new passion, a new start on the ashes of the previous

The flesh of the body is burned away, leaving the real person to shine through

The heart, now open to the excitement of the flame, and releasing one's soul to be free of the hardening damage it has been limited to


Bird of the sun in your heart, a nest, a home, a place to kindle new wings and opening beyond the dawn.

Stretching out


The strength new and frightening

Yet older than any memory


With the heat on your back, winding

And beyond the trees

And beyond the sun

And beyond the stars

Nothing is below you

But where is this strength coming from?

Coursing veins

Headless and there

Is no vision only thrashing

As the lightning strikes 

You down and down and down

Seven levels down, and you

Are the enemy and the curse on your children

And you cannot repent

And you are destroyed

Even if it is only a fledgling

Small and tiny without feathers and 

Your heart is exposed and open to the world.

No lies, no love beyond the womb.

But empty and naked

And you will be nurtured to a beating new drum

And fly once more

But this time without wings.