I learned the magic of wild herbs 25 years ago

in Central Park

herb walks and studies

Wildman Steve Brill and Robin Rose Bennet

encyclopedic and green witchy

I made potions, remedies and salad

I made love with the plant devas who whispered their wild wisdom into my opening heart

Years later, moving upstate

3 kids, chickens, ducks, dogs, cats, rabbits

coyotes raccoons owls deer and wilderness

my longing for my urban wildness continued its siren call

I remember one of the first times I revisited my beloved manhattan

my home

my heart

my soul

my rhythms

Getting off the subway after busing to Port Authority

a drunk homeless man, sitting in his stink, snarled at me

Fuck you lady

Tears came to my eyes

I cried in delight

Fuck you too

I'm home