Cronus: Restraint/Discovery [Saturn: 10 min Free Write]

"Restrain yourself" he said

That was a common phrase for him, 

She wasn't suprised. 

What he didn't hear, realize, recognize

was that she had long since stopped

heeding him. She knew,

even if he didn't 

that there was no bite

behind that bark

it wasn't as if he was going to restrain her

no, not her, not now.


He heard himself say the words

"Restrain yourself"

and he felt the pit of his stomach tighten

and then a lump rose up in his throat

chocking him.

He could feel her ~ ethereal

slipping through his outstretched


He'd tried to hold the words back

ever since they'd burst forth the first time

and he saw her 

wince, cringe, recoil.

He didn't like to see her like that

closed, hardened ~


Cronus sat in the corner

nursing the grainy dregs of a Turkish coffee

its stimulating effect long side lost on him.

Heavy lidded, he knows he should eat something

but that's not really his MO - mode of operating.

He waits - breathing shallowly

only passively watching the couple

observing their relationship~

decline or grow.


It's no difference to him

it will end ~

and he's many places tonight

many places


in the presence of