Myth Twins Free Write

10-minute Free Write from our June Mythology of Twins workshop.

Raised by women, by wolves, by white people, raised the stakes, upped the ante, had a child and now were bound, were bound for glory, for the skies, forever, bound and determined to do it right, to do it better than it was done to us, unto us a child was not born, borne on the waves, we floated off and raised our own, as if to have made what we werent able to was destruction so we chose, chose, was it a choice?

An imperative, geometrical separation as when marbles collide, spin off at new angels ~ angles.

Angels of our better nature, Gemini daughter, born knowing not quite as much as we do, knowing more, knowing nothing of myth, misfortune, of the fortune we missed passing on, passing by, passing gas / refuel, recharge, charge forward into the next generation who will transform what was a game to us, our skill and strength spent to what end?

Send for the new women to raise the world from where it sleeps deep in the hidden places, the caves of consciousness, raise your standards! Raise your sons! Raise hell, women, raise us all ~