New to New York

Autumn is my favorite season, and it was this time three years ago that I first moved to New York City.  What an incredible change from rural Maryland and small-town south Florida!  Yet despite the culture shock, despite the part of me that was (and still is) continually frustrated by the city, I was surprised by how quickly I made myself at home here. 

Since then, every fall reminds me of my first autumn in New York, and as I reminisce I also try to see the city again with fresh eyes.  The city shows itself to each person how they choose to see it -  I love to hear stories of people's first impressions of NYC, their adjustment, what we share, and what they notice that I haven't (yet)! 

Below are some links to New York stories and observations from people I know.  Check them out and feel free to share yours! 

11 Ways Life in New York is Like a Pokémon Game by Dallas Rico at scandallas in New York  - An hysterical account from a colleague in my writing group

Central Park at Heroic Thinking - An essay I wrote about my first explorations in the urban wilderness

NYC Realities: True or False Style at Living, Learning, Eating - My roommate from last summer shares some of the first things she noticed during her stay in the city

Humans of New York - I wish I knew photographer Brandon Stanton.  If you've never visited this website, it's the most amazing collection of photos and stories of this city's characters.

NYC Streets.jpg