Can we find Inspiration and Explore Identity Together?

Our intention at Space for Breath is to work together, through writing, to reshape our lives and explore the dynamic resonances between the facets of our identities.  

“Healing & transformation are incremental processes, and for most people best undertaken as focused, time-limited, and measurable commitments.”

-Juliet Bruce, Living Story

At Space for Breath we believe wellness is an active process of becoming aware that we have the ability to make choices that improve our existence and overall feeling of well being.

I've been reading articles by Lois Holzman, Ph.D.  in her series A Conceptual Revolution that have helped me develop my motivation to create a space for mindful dialogue into a social, cultural and personal cause for action.

"About A Conceptual Revolution - Discovery happens at the borders. People talk. Ideas meet. Something new emerges. Old paradigms weaken. Creativity abounds. Welcome to the border crossing, where psychology meets culture, theatre meets therapy, play meets learning—and the discovery-in-practice is that human development is the performing of who we’re becoming" - Read More. 

Bio - "[Lois Holzman] is the director of the East Side Institute, an international training and research center for new approaches to therapeutics, education and community building; and a founder of the biennial Performing the World conference, which brings together practitioners, scholars, researchers and activists for whom theatrical performance and the creative arts are essential for personal and social transformation. " 

-Psychology Today