What's Up with "Generation Y"?

In the last several days I've read this Huffington Post article and A LOT of reactions to it, and also discussed it with many of my friends who are all in this Generation Y boat together.  I'm not sure how I feel about the classification. 

I've posted the link to the original article below and also one of my favorite reactions to it.  I can see the validity in both arguments.  What do you all think? 

Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy



Fuck You. I'm Gen Y, and I Don't Feel Special or Entitled, Just Poor.

You have no idea about student debt, underemployment, life-long renting. “Stop feeling special” is some shitty advice. I don’t feel special or entitled, just poor. The only thing that makes me special is I have more ballooning debt than you. I’ve tempered the hell out of my expectations of work, and I’ve exceeded those expectations crazily to have one interesting, exciting damned career that’s culminated in some leadership roles for national publications. And I’m still poor and in debt and worked beyond the point where it can be managed with my health and my desire to actually see the son I’m helping to raise.


Do I have high expectations for myself? Yes. Do I believe I'm special? Of course - just like everybody else.  Do I want a fulfilling career? Absolutely - but I also consider myself fairly realistic about it, and accept that this is not the best economy.  I also don't like feeling like I'm being patronized with unicorns on a line graph. 

Difficult times need resourceful people, and the challenges of our generation are different than those of previous ones - if we continue to compare people and times that are so qualitatively different, what kind of conclusions are we going to come to?  Will any of them be helpful or just more frustrating?  When do we stop looking back, when do we stop the constant comparisons, and when do we simply try to move forward and make the best out of what we have?