Alchemical Healing - The Wood Element

Think of a growing tree, powerful and graceful when nourished by the other elements – the sun’s fire, the fluid of water, the soil of the earth, the supporting minerals of metal. 

The season of spring corresponds to the spirit of the Wood Element.  At this time of year when plants push up from the soil and young trees stretch toward the sunlight, we see the movements of the natural world vigorous and directed, and in ourselves we experience the qualities of clear vision and hope for future possibilities and redemption. 

The energy of the wood element begins to stir deep within the dormancy of winter; at spring equinox the heat and light of the yang supersede the cold darkness of the yin.  Wood energy rises up spontaneously from beneath the ground to take the place of water as the dominant cosmic influence.  In nature it is recognized as the moment the sap reverses its direction underground and wild animals begin their rutting season. ...


In the same way, the wood in us functions best when in Harmony with our environment and those who share it with us. 

The emotion associated with the hun, or wood spirit, is anger.  It can be expressed as healthy lust and the unimpeded growing edge of the self.  This anger only becomes pathological as rage, frustration, irritability, or hopelessness, when growth is blocked by other beings, the environment, or our own self.  Freedom and balance must be achieved to restore the innate liveliness and graciousness of the wood element.

Spring is the season of birth and growth, for the unfolding of the blueprint of life – the inherent order, purpose, and plan informing the unfolding of living structures.  The energy of the wood element is determined and directed, fluid and flexible to adapt to the needs of others as well as the conditions of the environment – a balance of hard and soft, turgid and flexible, directed and flowing.  The wood element endows us with the capacity to dream and imagine in creative ways and the ability to plan and organize our time in order to manifest our visions.