Summer Diet

The first summer I was in New York City, I worked as a reading tutor in a community center and kept a journal to share with my students.  I stumbled upon this page recently: 

Summer diet Notebook.jpg

 And this summer? ....

So far this summer - two years later - I've established a sort of diet for myself too, though it's turning out a bit different.  I still like quick and cheap, but I'm trying to cook my own food.  I've found that I can still keep the cost down by spending money on simple ingredients, and that my body will thank me for the effort.  Though I do miss all the beef patties and street food.

Looking at this year's journal, here are the elements of my new summer diet:

Beans and Rice (Habichuelas Rojas)

Organic Rotisserie Chicken (I've learned how to stretch this out for a week)

Homemade Fruit and Yogurt Smoothies (with peaches, mango, strawberries - whatever I have on hand)

Grilled Asparagus

Collard Greens with Herb Butter (including rosemary and basil from my windowsill)


Ice Cream (I'll never give it up!)

What is your summer diet looking like?