Our vision is to create a space to explore personal identity, expression, perspectives, and stories. To create a safe place to enter authentic dialogue with one another and recognize our common humanity underneath the roles we play.

Personal Fragmentation

Human beings in our time often suffer split personalities – we are fragmented among the worlds we step in and out of: family members, community members, occupations and professions, part of a school, a tribe, nation, religion . . . We find ourselves being so many different people at so many different times. Behind all the masks we wear, it is difficult for us to really see each other; many of us choose not to be seen, because that would make us naked and vulnerable.

Integration for our time

We feel that our generation faces a task of true integration, and that we must start within ourselves before reaching out to create a community. In the face of this, we also deal with the fact that we are often alone beside each other – we lack social cohesion, true community, true sharing and fellowship. We often find that we put ourselves in these positions, by resisting change or imposing willful isolation on ourselves.

Identity & Connection

Here at Space for Breath, we seek to integrate, repair, acknowledge, and even accept our fragmentation. We seek to explore and probe facets of our identity in ways that might not always be comfortable. We seek to find those moments of recognition when we felt true connection, saw the world differently, or had a glimpse into someone else’s perspective, and to reveal ourselves to ourselves - and connect with others -  by exploring these moments in speech and writing.

Building our Space

It is up to us to create our own space. Of all the roles we must play, we must ask ourselves: What are the roles we want to play? How do we achieve them? We are at a perilous and liberating time of self-definition. We feel that self-exploration and sharing, defining ourselves and relating to others, are the first steps to bridging divides.

We seek to move from the personal to the political, from ourselves to our world.