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Past Prompts:

Spring 2014: Spring Fever - Getting Out to Explore Our Communities & Environments

As the weather intermittently starts to get warmer, and the daylight stretches a little bit longer each day, we begin to hope for spring. Now in the transition time, our skin seems to itch a bit as we slowly come out of hibernation - we get restless to go outside and explore, shake off the deep-winter blues and become animated again.

 Morningside Park ducks, Spring 2014

Morningside Park ducks, Spring 2014

Spring is a great time not only for new beginnings, but also to look at the familiar with 

fresh eyes.  

Tell us what's going on around you. Tell us a story of where you are now, where you grew up, your hometown or the new place where you feel most at home. 

This season we encourage you to pay attention to your environment, whether it's city, country or small town; whether it's soybean fields, mountain vistas, or the seemingly endless expanse of the concrete jungle. We encourage you to notice your neighborhood & how spring changes the way you interact with your community. 

We welcome stories, articles, stories, and poems of any length. We also love artwork, photography, video, recordings, or any other medium you want to surprise us with. We look forward to hearing from you!

To open our eyes again to the familiar & bring us a glimpse into a community, we would like to share Irene Marcuse's poem  "Morningside Heights"  as our inspiration for the prompt.

 Winter 2014: Reincarnation - Keeping the Fire Alive in Winter

This is a season of darkness, but also of transformation and rebirth. We’ve descended deeper into the cold hibernation of winter, yet as the days get progressively longer after the winter solstice, now is actually the time when we draw on our greatest strength and courage to get us through.  We find out what is essential to us; whether it’s through our work, relationships, or creative expression, we turn inward to discover what is truly revitalizing. 


We’d love to hear your stories of courage, endurance, and humor to keep us going!

The theme is very broad and we are sure to receive pieces as unique as each of our writers - whether you want to write about a personal experience, relate to a larger political or social issue, talk about a book or work of art, or give us a more poetic approach to the topic.  We also love photography and other images that inspire.  We're happy to follow wherever the topic leads you.

We appreciate quality over quantity, so even just a few paragraphs can make an impact.  Our goal is to generate dialogue and open new perspectives, so it's also okay to leave your piece open-ended or with more questions than answers.

Fall 2013: Aspiration - Finding Inspiration in Difficult Times.

Autumn is the time when we watch the natural world let go and prepare for the cold, dormant winter months.  In our personal lives, we too often must let go and prepare for rest.  Fall can be a time of grief, loss, and moving on, but as we slide into darkness we also move toward the deep sleep of gestation and regeneration. Like the mythical journey to the underworld from which we come out the other side reborn, we find that our darkest days and most challenging trials give us the strength and hope we need to go forward. 

Here are some examples of previous submissions:

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